The FENX and the Commander: James Bond and Screen on the Green

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Screen on the Green at the National Mall began last night for 2010 with Goldfinger, the second and probably best of the presently dead James Bond movie franchise (thanks to MGM’s management and budgetary troubles). Powering up the batteries of the FENX, I headed down for this screening with some friends. As often happens taking the FENX down to such a public venue attracts attention, but the one behind the butterfly always has to focus on the drive and ignore the onlookers. Unfortunately, about halfway through the film the rain came with crashing sound and blazing light. In the end Screen on the Green was shut down just like it was last year when screening Rebel w/o a Cause starring James Dean. Last night, like last year, the FENX was my saving grace from the torrent of water, light, and sound. While many others were scattered, sopping, and screeching their displeasure at the turn of events I focused on seeing through the rain and singing Star Wars parodies like Yoda, The Saga Begins, and Star Wars Cantina on the drive home. Once again, the ingenuity of my own personal Q Branch known as DAD shone through brighter than lightning and I navigated my way back to the Fortress of Solitude while silently lamenting the inability of the masses around me to coherently mind their surroundings as Bruce Wayne was taught and be something other than huddled masses yearning to be dry and spurred on by group-think. This adventure did, as others have, highlight the future possibility of more additional passenger space in the FENX to keep my friends safe and dry though; a thought for the next iteration.

  1. Laura Ingalls says:

    I was caught out again tonight! Nature 2, Laura 0

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