The FENX and The Users: A TRON Tale

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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This December the much anticipated sequel to the original TRON releases to theaters. Originally released in 1982, it was the story of a video game designer who got transported into the world he created. IMHO, the Terminator and Matrix franchises may not have existed if TRON hadn’t come first. One of the highlights of the original movie was the sequence with the lightcycles (and the lightcycle sequence in the coming sequel looks even better). About two months ago, Free Comic Book day happened on a Saturday. That morning I jumped in the FENX to take a trip to Union Station, intent on stooping by Fantom Comics to pick up some comics. I always park the FENX right out front of the store and it tends to attract a lot of attention. As I was leaving Fantom Comics that morning, a gentlemen came up to me with his five-year-old son and tells me “my son really likes you’re vehicle, when he first saw it he looked at me and says ‘DADDY DADDY, IT’S THE TRON CAR!!!’” I was floored, utterly shocked – a five year old knew a movie that was 20+ years older than he was. It pretty much made my day.

  1. […] expression of love that I’ve received from my Dad that is the FENX is somewhat inspired by the Lightcycles in the TRON-verse.  In the midst of a society that doesn’t think fatherhood is a big deal, TRON: Legacy helps […]

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