The FENX 4.1 – a conduit to a road less traveled and a demension rarely visited?

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

In anticipation of the airing of the story of the FENX 4.0 on NBC Nightly News and reflecting on what the FENX Adventure has been so far, I’ve spent time as of late considering what this whole expirence has taught me about God and Life in General (MxPx reference not quite intentional but welcome):

1. My Dad loves me, a lot – let’s face it, no other dad I know would take the time and effort to do what my Dad has done and all this because he saw a need that I had, not only at the present time but far into the future.  Lest anyone forget, this entire project – which includes both the FENX III and the FENX 4 – has been on going since the Spring of 2004.  My dad has taken a majority of his free time the last five years to design, build, and help me upkeep and modify both models at separate times.

2. God is personal – in the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew, Christ talks about how an earthly father desires to give good gifts to his children; for me point one shows that this is certianly true.  Christ goes on to say that if this is true, how much more does the Heavenly Father desire to give good gifts to His children and to bless them.  I see the FENX as a great gift from both my Heavenly Father and my earthly one, as the Heavenly One gave the earthly one the skills and abilities to build and create it.  It’s no secret to those who know me fairly well how greatly the FENX compliments and and has become part of my personality (not to mention makes sense that I would have it with my facination with Star Wars, Top Gun, and unique transportation like the Segway, I-BOT 4000, and the mobility chair of Professor Charles Xavier).

3. My relationship with my Dad is a rare one – one of the things which struck me as the most interesting about the whole FENX saga with NBC Nightly News is their amazement at the dynamic between my Dad and I – which is something I think they desire to highlight with their story.  To me, it’s perfectly normal:  he’s my Dad, he’s my teacher, mentor, hero, and in many ways my best friend.  I can’t imagine life without Dad and I cringe at the thought that one day I’ll have to.  We talk about everything, granted we can’t stay up late any longer with tea and talk about all the latest tech in the paintball world, but we used to do that a lot.  I’m told this is something which is not often seen by society at large, esp. since I’m 27 now – by this age, many have gone on to focus on other things – not me.  Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way and if we can serve as an example for other fathers and sons to aspire to and pointing them towards Christ in the process, AWESOME.  I am so blessed in this regard – one of many, actually.

4. Trusting God is a good thing, but it often proves difficult – Trust and dependence upon God as Father, Creator, and Sovereign (or Master) of the Universe, is what He wants from his Creation and esp. from those who call Him Father; this is often challenging.  We have an inner desire to be autonomous, to be accountable to no one and society exacerbates this.  Therefore, a conscious effort has to be made to suppress this desire – easier said than done.  If it was a lesson once learned, always learned I’d have had a doctorate in this by now and not have a problem with it; unfortunately I don’t.  Despite this obvious difficulty, I often think that my life story and physical challenges give me an edge in this department because I have to trust Him often times – because I can’t make it through life under my own steam, despite the fact I am often regarded as having a metaphorical rocket pack strapped to me (Cliff Secord anyone?).  As the FENX 4.0 saga has unfolded over the last 11 months or so, there has been a lot of trust going on between God and I, but there’s been some confusion on my part too.  Lots of questions.  Don’t even think for a second that honest questioning is a bad thing, as long as you’re willing to search out the answers – it is questioning for the sake of questioning which is faulty; questioning by it’s very nature implies the desire for an answer.  Within all of this I have resolved to ask less and to trust more.  This implies a simple but difficult willingness to relinquish control – to become a passenger as opposed to a driver (and yes, it has not escaped my notice that the FENX is a driver only vehicle).

5. God’s adventure is best and is always there to be laid hold of – In Ephesians 3:20 the Apostle Paul writes that God is able to do beyond what we can ask or imagine.  I’ve talked about this previously in relation to the FENX Saga and NBC; I didn’t see this adventure coming because I didn’t believe it probable.  I believe in an open universe, a universe where the supernatural can invade human reality at any time, in any place, if it serves God’s purposes – Christ did this 2000 years ago and their are countless accounts in the Bible before and after of supernatural occourances (aka Miracles).  Part of this goes back to my belief that God is Personal and in so doing desires a relationship and interaction with His creation.  This is the sort of adventure I find myself on, and yet it hadn’t occoured to me this could actually happen, it’s as if I thought for some reason it was outside of even God’s ability and control – well I stand corrected, obviously.  We often don’t see what God is up to because we are focused on other things.  This isn’t always bad, because we may be focused on something we are supposed to be focused on, then God suprises us by coming at us from the side with something totally unexpected – this is what the NBC story was and is.   I’ve no idea where things will go from here, but I am hopeful (hope being a confident expectation of the future) something fantastic will occour and excited to see what it is.

Riding Towards Eternity,



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