When I last wrote, I commented on the FENX 4.0 being in Michigan for repairs and modifications; it still is, till next weekend.  However, I had an encounter last night that helped me realize it’s not so much the technology of the FENX 4.0 itself that can give people hope, but the story in it’s entirety.  Last night, I went to the premire of Discovering God in America II:  Our Heritage.  It’s a film exploring the Christian heritage of our nation and it was put together by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and his wife Calista, in conjunction with Citizen’s United.

After watching the excellent film which, explores our heritage from the early Jamestown Settlement in 1607 to Abraham Lincoln and after the Civil War in 1865, I went to a reception where I met some folks and before I knew it I was talking about the FENX 4.0 – mainly because of my story involing the Capitol Police thinking the FENX was a security threat and might explode the first time that I drove it to work on Capitol Hill – and yes, it includedexplosive sniffing canines.  This of course excited my small audience so I recounted the story of how/why my Dad built the vehicle.  I explained the whole tale of being born 10-12 weeks early, how God told my Dad I would be ok, that all my medical problems wouldn’t be the end of me.  I talked about how Dad built the FENX III because of the accident while I was in college where I flipped the tricycle.  I went on to recount why he built the FENX 4.0 (and showed pictures) and how becuase of a series of very of very odd (but very God-oriented) events led to the current adventure of taping and producing a segment for TV News which will air before too long.  The TV segment details the story of the FENX and the relationship between my Dad and I; he’s the greatest by the way – totally worthy of being my hero.

Well, the three folks I was recounting this tale for were just amazed, which seems a common reaction.  In a town as cynical and self-centered as Washington, DC is, they told me my story was one which gives them hope – that there are still good people out there doing what they can to improve the lives of others and change the world for the better.  They said it’s a story where folks aren’t in it for the money, power, and personal affluence and that’s rare.

Here’s to reflecting the True Hope of the One who gave my dad the ability to create.  Next time, hopefully, the story behind the TV Segment!

Riding towards Eternity,


P.S. Any thoughts can be sent to FENX04@gmail.com


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