National Air and Space Museum and the FENX 4.0 – Undiscovered Country…

Posted: August 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Tonight, my good friend Brian and I attempted to enter the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian Institution with the FENX 4 – we succeeded, at least partially.  We got in to the Museum because I stressed the fact that the FENX 4.o is my primary transportation device – which it has become.  While we were certainly a security concern for the guards – and to a point rightly so, having never seen something like this – the whole cross between a stasis pod from Aliens and a Light Cycle from Tron kinda freaks people out – they let us in.  Once in the Museum, we waited – all the while imagining taking photos with SpaceShip One.  We were told we had to wait to hear from the office of public affairs.  Why?  Well we couldn’t take pictures or video to be used in a promotional capacity – mainly this blog – unless they said so.  Well we never got the OK, and I have to call them this week and see if I can get the OK to go back and take pictures.  While we were inside though, we did drive/walk around on the first floor some – and yes, security followed us around the whole time.  I think they were very happy to see us leave.  Funny thing is that some of the security guards were really interested…

We’ll be back there though, and pictures will follow…not to mention the video Brian took before and after the museum and is editing…

Riding Towards Eternity,



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