Strom Chasing: An early morning FENX 4.0 test run

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
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On Sunday I got out early with the FENX 4.0 to run it through a hard test run – the toughest yet.  The goal – to run the entire circuit I had run on Saturday within 2 hours and 30 minuites.  Thanks to the dark horizon at 8:30 am very few runners and tourists were out along my route – on this day, a blessing indeed.  With food and fluids on board – breakfast while testing – I flew as hard and fast as I could, only stopping when lights required me to.  Starting at 12.7 volts, I ended the test run with 11.7 and in 2 hours and 7 minutes.  As long as I keep it above 10.5 volts life is good.  Importantly, by the time I finished I was near Union Station and was able to stop – as the engine was overheating and communicating said strain.  After letting it sit for over an hour things were cool again and I was good to go – the storm that came through, which I hit while on the National Mall, helped with that.  All the while runners and tourists were wet and cold and I was safe and sound in my litte world.  The FENX handles surprisingly better than anticipated in the rain, granted one doesn’t want to do something stupid.  All in all a fantastic run, with an important lessons learned – batteries need rest too.

Hopefully, tomorrow, the FENX 4.0 and Spaceship One will meet for the first time.

My friend Azaria and I doing our best Wonder Twins impression (from SuperFriends).

My friend Azaria and I doing our best Wonder Twins impression (from SuperFriends).

Riding Towards Eternity,



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